Proposed Seawall at Sandy Bay

Proposed Seawall at Sandy Bay

Whangarei District Council have applied to both Department of Conservation and the Northland Regional Council for consents to build a rock revetment at Sandy Bay. The purpose is to stop further erosion and ultimately protect the Council’s infrastructure (toilets, carpark, bbq area and ultimately road in the long run).

Council do not appear to have carried out a Cost Benefit Analysis as recommended by their Consultants. There appears to be no thorough investigation into the potential impact of the proposed rock revetment on the dunes north of the stream, the breeding area of the endangered dotterel, and the impact on the surf break. Where is the publics opportunity to have input into how our Coast ‘looks’ in the future?

We at NCB would like to see a detailed surfbreak assessment report and assessment of environmental effects as well as improved communication and consultation with day to day users of the park area and not restrict the consultation to holiday bach owners.

We have created an online questionnaire in order to gain a broader understanding of the public’s concerns and thoughts.

Please express your opinion whatever that may be in regards to the proposed erosion protection works at Sandy Bay by clicking HERE.