Ladder Comp

Ladder Comp

Ladder Comp

Please note: Club competitions will be put on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.

Stay safe out there folks, look out for your mates and reach out if you need help.  We are available via phone, email or messenger if you need to contact one of our admin team.

He waka eke noa


Every time you enter a club comp you accrue points towards your end of year total, the amount of points you receive depends on your placing in the division, however it pays to turn up each month even if you don’t expect to win as you will still get some points.

Whoever has the most points in each division at the end of the year will receive $250 at the end of year prize-giving (excepting micro groms, who will receive prizes on the day of the comp).

Current Ladder Rating

please click the link below to see the current ladder rankings:

Full Ladder @ October 2019

2018 Ladder Results