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NCB Events

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NCB Events:

Club Days:

Come along to Sandy Bay on the first Sunday of the month to participate in the Club Ladder Comp or just have a go at competitive surfing.  You can learn a lot in a 20min heat, or standing around the BBQ chatting with Club Members.  We love surfing and sharing great times.  Don’t be shy registration is 8:30am.

Club Days can be postponed to the following Sunday if conditions are not suitable for surfing.  If the 2nd Sunday of the month is not suitable the Club day will be postponed to the following Month.

If you want to know if the Club Day will be running the first Sunday of the Month check the Facebook page HERE.

NCB Special Comps:

– NCB run the Polar Bear Surf Classic every year in August.  It is one of the longest standing competitions in New Zealand and is always a good time!

– 2019 is the first year we have run the Northland Clubs junior Surf Series.  This series consists of 4 competitions spread throughout Northland, looking to involve the wider Northland surfing community of groms.  We hope to give the young surfers of Northland more opportunities to compete in order to gain experience in the world of competitive surfing.