2019 Membership

2019 Membership

Happy new year everyone! Hope you’re all having a wicked 2019 so far, and everyone has figured out how to achieve their New Year’s resolution to surf more and work less. (Once you know, could you please tell me, I would like to do this also)

It’s now time to renew your North Coast Boardriders membership! To kick off 2019 we are offering NCB t-shirts at cost to anyone signing up again. Membership fees for 2019 will be $30 for a family or $20 for an individual and $15 per tee per member.

Other perks include:
– Casual gym membership to Coastal Fitness in Ngunguru for $13 per week
– Free entry to club comps, with a BBQ put on for members
– Access to Grom Squad and Little Rippers Training at no cost, pending numbers (contact Tia or Josh for more details)
– Support to attend national competitions
– Access to training programs like judging courses and surf workshops at little to no cost
– A platform for community development, kaitiakitanga, sharing the love of surfing, youth development and heaps more.

Head over  to the ‘memberships’ tab for all the info on how to join/renew your membership.

We have some cool stuff planned for this year so don’t miss out!