Raffle Details

Raffle Details

Enter our online only sweepstakes to win some epic prizes donated by some awesome people!
All money raised goes towards our Youth Development!

Tickets only $5.
To enter, please email treasurer.northcoast@gmail.com or message the event with your full name and phone number and the number of entries you would like to purchase, you will then receive banking instructions and once payment is made you’re in the draw!

Terms and Conditions:

We’ll be drawing the raffle at the Mammoth Polar Bear the Sunday 18th August between 12-1pm. Tickets will be available to buy up until 7pm 17th August.

There are seven prizes up for grabs. If you’re at the Polar Bear Surf Classic when your name gets drawn out, then you get to pick one prize! If your not there your prize will be picked randomly by one of our Little Rippers.

Sweepstake only – no raffle numbers, each ticket gets you one chance to put your name in the draw. More tickets more chances!!







Introducing the most stacked raffle you have seen since Aunt Maude had that quilt raffle in 1958!  The local groms will be selling tickets around their schools and the community and we will be selling them on the weekend of the comp as well.  Winners will be announced around midday on the Sunday of the competition.  Be sure to stick around for the announcement so that you can chose your prize, those who aren’t present will have their prize chosen for them.