Club History

Club History

A Brief History of the North Coast Boardriders

The North Coast Boardriders Club was originally formed in the mid 1970’s and based in Whangarei. Roger Crisp set it up and had members such as NZ junior champ at the time Richard Langdon and top surfers of the day Viv Treacy, Colin Low , Roger and Clive smart. Some had belonged to the local Tatahi surfriders club of the 1960’s (like me)

In 1978 the club reformed with more contests around the country.  NCB got quite strong we even had a club rooms at Kensington Park.  We ran monthly club ladder contests and in those days ( no cell phones or internet) the members met at 7.30 at the central Post Office in Rathbone street and someone would get on the payphone and call the various beaches, Bayley’s, Sandy bay, Ocean beach etc., for a report then away we’d all go to that beach.  Membership was around 70 to 80 and most club comps had over 30 competitors.  The oldest members at the time were in their early 30’s (I was 31 when I was Contest director for the Nationals).  So lots of young people.  There was a monthly newsletter with the latest club ladder results and lots of parties.  There was also a fair bit of competing with other clubs from Piha, Raglan, Kaitaia, for the Trax trophy which NCB held for I think 4 years.  In 1980 after a strong showing at the Nationals in Taranaki, NCB were awarded the hosting of the 1981 Nationals which we made the biggest ever, we were the 1st to introduce the “cadets” division under 14, and the 1st Masters (over 30’s) it was well organised with a base in the town basin to meet each day and the contest crew and competitors headed to Sandy bay each morning returning to the Town Basic HQ for debrief and sponsored beers.  The comp went for a week with the prize giving (open winner Ian “Ratso” Buchanan) held at the first ever gig at the brand new Forum North. Dinner, prize giving ceremony and great Punk band “the AMPS” Played until we got shut down about 1am Sunday morning

For the next few years NCB ruled the club comps and we ran the Northland Pro-Am each year which was supported by Coca Cola, local radio companies and other sponsors. Which was part of a NZ circuit all top surfers attended including some from Aussie the winner won $1000 lot of money back then the Pro Am was held each anniversary weekend.

We travelled to Gisborne each year for the NZ Teams contest held in June over Queens Birthday weekend. We’d have 3 teams of 4 plus reserves, judges and hangers on. We got a great deal out of Hertz and travelled in a couple of 10 seater vans.

One year we came 1st 2nd and 4th .with surfers like Langdon, Chris Hislop, Colin Low , Viv Treacy, Clive Smart, Roger Hall, Colin Unkovich, Tony Devanney, Roger Crisp, Derek Brunker and more I can’t recall right now. There was also the national under 18’s circuit which I was the co-ordinator and our well organised NCB crew travelled to Piha and Raglan to run the comps sponsored by the Post office savings bank. Some of our top Juniors were Derek Brunker Tony Devanney , Perry Newberry, Brian Earle , Mark Marinkovich and more. For those year 78 to about 85 the club was led by Me president or Sec, Garry Orevich chief judge , Doug Ferguson, Brian Archer Roger Crisp ,Roger Hall and Graeme Towns, Nev Brunker and Grant ( Scooter) Whitham. Plus quite a few more. The Polar Bear started in 1981 as a fundraiser in the middle of winter as there wasn’t much else going on and it was very much a fun event with no cash prizes but lots of sponsor’s product.

The club dissolved after members got older moved away or had family commitments Gene Auckett ran the polar bear in 1989 at Ocean Beach then Pauline Pullman revived the club around 1990 when she was also National women’s Champ. Pauline with help from others organised the Polar Bear for a few years. Then Mike and Maree Hemmingway , Baza Goodall , and others ran the club for another few years until Mal , Stevo, and Toby Commins reformed everything about 2002 and after 2 attempts NCB led by Stevo Thompson took the Fuller Trophy off the Far North Boarders which we still hold we’ve only defended it once against OB boardriders. We became an incorporated society in about 2009 which made it easier for applying for funding.  Over the past 12 years or so we have received funding from the Whangarei Marina Trust for work on our clubrooms and from the Oxford Trust for scholastics teams.

Since 1978 The North Coast Boardriders Club Inc. have produced many national champions, the most recent being Manu Scott- Arrieta , under 16 champ

Richard Langdon NZ Junior Champ.

Pauline Pullman  NZ women’s champ 6 times, women’s Longboard Champ

Wini Paul NZ women’s Champ, women’s longboard champ

Paco Divers NZ under 16, 18 and 20yrs champ

Thomas Robinson NZ under 14 champ

Our club has hosted, national pro-am surf contests, National Longboard contests and the annual Polar Bear

-Mal Eggington